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Alert Alert Alert

Ever heard of Vawtrak? I’m going to give you two links that will explain in detail just what this nasty, nasty Trojan Horse infection is, and how it works. Link 1: From AVG’s blog┬áThis page gives detailed information on this … Continue reading

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Exciting report

Allo gorgeous! (Look below…) Played a disc this morning and recorded it. Very impressed, now. All buttons are properly responsive and it’s an absolute doddle selecting tracks. Yup. I did it right again. This is a very nice little player. … Continue reading

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Well, it’s here, and it’s the black version

Teac P-1260 CD Player I waited all day for this to arrive. At around 15:45, the knock on the door happened and Paul, one of the techs from the shop I often visit was standing there cuddling a big cardboard … Continue reading

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Tape decks rule!

Concerning the ‘conversation’ between Dr Cassette and the AIWA ad-f910 cassette deck…. Dr Cassette: Let’s see how this performs (closes deck) Tape Deck: Nah, sorry homie, not today (ejects tape). Dr Cassette: Oh, not very well… (closes deck) Tape Deck: … Continue reading

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Audio Update

Had a phone call earlier today telling me my CD player has arrived. It’ll be here on Thursday afternoon. I plan to blog here and do a video update as well. Maybe an unboxing to begin with, then the test … Continue reading

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The wonders of technology

I really must recommend Wharfedale speakers. A long, long time ago, I heard a song being played through a Marantz amplifier, and a pair of huge, and I mean huge Wharfedale speakers. I loved the sound of them in my … Continue reading

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Sometimes, you just know when you’ve done something right. I ordered one of these yesterday: I’ll do a review when it arrives next week. Dunno if I’ll have the black or the silver one yet! More in the next few … Continue reading

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