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More on tapes

I’ve loved the Sony sound for a long time. I’ve recently become a bit of a Sharp groupie, too! Recently bought a beautiful outfit from a well known site last week. Was chuffed to bits when it turned up: The … Continue reading

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Tape decks rule!

Concerning the ‘conversation’ between Dr Cassette and the AIWA ad-f910 cassette deck…. Dr Cassette: Let’s see how this performs (closes deck) Tape Deck: Nah, sorry homie, not today (ejects tape). Dr Cassette: Oh, not very well… (closes deck) Tape Deck: … Continue reading

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Having a ball!

One of these days, I’m gonna change me tune, as there’s a bit of software I could do with some help with. That’ll come when I’m testing recordings the other way – from tape to digital. The software is AVS … Continue reading

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Oh, POOR me!

I don’t suppose I’m the first to do this, and sadly, I doubt I’ll be the last, but it’s one of those things in a studio that, if it goes wrong and you’ve never used such ancient equipment before, you … Continue reading

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