The new blog: LappyChat

Hello, one and all!

For some years, I’ve had my The Love Of God blog here at WordPress.

The new one was initially named LappyChat as a pal of mine was having a few computer problems! Thing is, tho’, I’m a hospital radio junkie, too. Because I had to stop all activity in my long-loved radio station, (I’m a carer), I decided to put together a small home studio, so I could still have everything to play with.

Missing my radio activities, need not, then, be a burden to me, as I have all the facilities now that I used to have, plus some extras. So the new blog will reflect everything I’m still learning and teaching myself: Windows 8; recording, and any new gadgets that might appear, although I can’t see me actually needing anything else!

Enjoy LappyChat if you visit, but do be aware the technical stuff will include any and everything to do with music as well 🙂


Welcome! Please feel free to comment. I would appreciate it if you keep it clean.

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