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Amazon Music

Good ole Amazon! I’m just one of those who have used the music App for downloading albums. In the old days, you could set the App to include iTunes in the download process. Seems today that you have to ask … Continue reading

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W10 Anniversary Update

Sound Ooooooooo, DO NOT MESS wiv my speakers… I hit the first quirk a little while ago: Hardly any sound on the studio speakers when I played a YouTube film. Easily solved, it turns out. Those who manage software and … Continue reading

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You know when you’re having one o’them days?

After all the initial hassle I was having with iTunes the other day with albums not playing, or each song playing twice, (grrr!) I finally got things rolling as they always have done. You just have to not be lazy … Continue reading

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Questions I like…

One person in a chat room I use wanted to know how to change a YouTube username. Truth is, you can’t. But you might try these ideasĀ and see what happens. Click link to read the Wiki page.

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Saw this yesterday

That page on the right is the updated, new-look G+ page. You get it with one click, when you are prompted to try it out. I like! Everything is rich in formatting and colour, so you always know where you … Continue reading

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And now for some quirks

So, I’ve had a little while to snuggle into using Windows 10 and I’m really liking it. It’s back to looking Windows 7-tidy again, but there are a few quirks I’d like to see ironed out. First of all, any … Continue reading

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I’ve done it, haaa!!!

So anyway, little laptop now sports Windows 10 and asks… Hahahahahaha! Orright, so it was an absolute doddle. Things to terrify you do not exist. If you’ve got a newish PC or laptop, Windows 10 is going to take. It … Continue reading

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