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Having a ball!

One of these days, I’m gonna change me tune, as there’s a bit of software I could do with some help with. That’ll come when I’m testing recordings the other way – from tape to digital. The software is AVS … Continue reading

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At last – that is, at LONG last, I finally decided to have a go with some old tapes I bought for the Sony R2R. It turns out, just as I was advised, any tape recorded from a mono system … Continue reading

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Oh, POOR me!

I don’t suppose I’m the first to do this, and sadly, I doubt I’ll be the last, but it’s one of those things in a studio that, if it goes wrong and you’ve never used such ancient equipment before, you … Continue reading

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Aww, whaddup? Yer minidisc not working?

So many things these days rely on computer chips. First time I ever saw a minidisc was when I thought: hey, these things look like a floppy disc/compact disc hybrid. I wonder how close to that I am? You’ve got … Continue reading

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Analogue all the way

As well as my enjoyment of computers, I also have a lifetime habit of listening to music. Remember when these were fab? Ha! Wind-up gramophones. Some of you are thinkin’: ‘Girl, I didn’t know you were that old!’ Weeeell, you … Continue reading

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