Remember when Wordpress looked like this?


I do, too! Only just noticed it today. Upping pictures is a bit fractious right now, but with enough patience, it can be done. Better see what this page looks like!

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In March last year, (2016); Radionomy, the online streaming service told its users by email that they had to solve an issue with their server. It turns out that there was a copyright infringement claim made by several record labels. I’ve just been reading about it.

I used to have my own little station on JTV, but that got into trouble for similar reasons. Now, no one can play music on that site, they can make home videos, such as we would for YouTube, but no music playlists.

Radionomy is again offline at the moment. It’s a year after the original complaint was raised. Has it come back to bite everyone, or is it really a server issue this time? I know what I believe and suspect, but we will wait to find out.

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Dear ole iTunes!

I love my iTunes. Sitting here, having a late night sess with it and completely forgot about Up Next; that natty little irritation that, if you forget it, will spin you back to a previous playlist.

Totally forgot about that tonight, so I cleared the History and the Up Next listings. Then it decided to play one tune, and stop. When am I EVER gonna learn I have to keep an eye on everything? It’s forgetful land I live in, now that I don’t do radio no more. I’m out of technical practice.

I’ll get it back! Still lovin’ my iTunes. 🙂

Oh, by the way…did anyone else get the niggle where iTunes kept nagging about not being online after two Updates ago? Something to do with not being able to share your music info, or whatever it was. To stop the nag happening,you had to keep your PC online. It’s gone again after the latest update, so I guess I can assume someone griped about it to someone? Anyway, play wot ya like when ya like, and you don’t have to be online no more, unless you wanna be! 🙂

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Amazon Music

Good ole Amazon! I’m just one of those who have used the music App for downloading albums.

In the old days, you could set the App to include iTunes in the download process. Seems today that you have to ask for that to be done separately as an Export. Lemme take the pain out of that for ya!

Buy and download your music to Amazon Music App. Once songs are downloaded, choose the songs you also want exported to iTunes, or your favourite music player. Whilst holding down the Shift key, do a right-click and choose Export to iTunes. (It’s the first item on the dropdown list).

You’ll be prompted once the export is complete.

Big sighs? happy, smiling faces?

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What a Kindle nightmare :(

I fell in love with the 10″ Kindle Fire last year. I noticed how lovely it is to read books on that gorgeous screen, plus, there’s this nifty Blue Shade for night time reading, which pulls all the brightness away from your eyes and makes the screen very comfortable. That’s lovely for those of us who are post cataract operation people. My surgeon told me I would always be sensitive to bright lights, and he’s been right all along. I love my eyesight after having it repaired and given back to me in hospital many years ago. I want to keep it! Blue Shade therefore, rocks.

But there’s this BIG DEAL that I can’t get any help with. Big Kindle takes a Micro SD card, and so I bought it one for a prezzie! (You know how we love to pamper our computers, hahahahaha). Well, I’ve been using it since last summer. Today, however, it just stopped working. I called Amazon UK support to get it sorted, but after yapping with two guys, nothing got any further as I don’t have anything spare to test the card on. (One Rule For You: Get a spare micro SD card reader. Chances are, you’ll get a spare card with it!). Of course, after the phone call ended, I started looking on the internet…

…and found a few things; one of which was that someone else with the same issue, (there are loads of us), decided to buy a second card and try that out. This person inserted the new card;  the Kindle said: “thankya very much!” and everything was good again. Yup, the new card apparently worked as the older one used to. Trouble is, if I have to do that, I’ve lost all the books and Apps I stored on the original card. So if the thing is only gonna last six months until breakdown, that’s going to suck, BIG time. But, I’ll have to try it. Ain’t nuffin else I can do otherwise. And if the old card can be put right, well, it’s a spare then, ain’t it. I will update in a coupla weeks. It takes that long to get paid and buy another card.

😦 😦 😦

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LappyChat and all of that

I’ve just been having a snoop over this blog and read a few of my older entries and have realised I haven’t done all the updates I wanted to.

My YouTube account I used to drop films onto was changed, due to a troll who I couldn’t spare the time for. So everything I had on the old one is gone. The films I’m going to have to recreate makes my head spin. Meanwhile, I’ve got other things on the horizon i have to plan for.

Being disabled, living alone and having no support for anything whatsoever takes its toll on my time. (As well as mah bones, but hey, that’s anuvver story!) But there are things I can do, like make quick films and then add them to the blog. I really want to cover my studio, and I’ve also got into cooking as a pastime. So if you notice recipes for stuff appearing, well, I have to keep ’em somewhere! Otherwise, I’d have to have separate blogs for everything under the sun, and that just doesn’t cut it for me. I like messy. It just works. So, on here, you get a bit of everything. Studio stuff; software chat, maybe a few recipes and films of my experiments in the kitchen. And all the updates will eventually be worked on. That’ll be fun!

I need a full life!

Oh YEAH! I had an offer to do a live radio show for someone a few days ago. I’m gonna have to see if I can film that, or at least blog about it.

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Albuquerque The Nutella Turkey ….Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Mmmmm 🙂 (y)

A Queen In The Kitchen


This year I have many reasons to be thankful :

  • My family, the most important thing in my life
  • Our loving cat Jolly, my personal assistant while cooking and writing recipes.
  • A Blog that makes me gratified.
  • My very first cookbook A Queen In The Kitchen, dedicated to my beloved Nonna Fernanda
  • All the friends, followers, readers around the globe

…and many more blessings to count.

For this Thanksgioving I’ve prepared Albuquerque The Nutella Turkey, a very simple and delicious recipe that will put a smile on everyone’s face. I named it Albuquerque after the Thanksgiving song my daughter learned at school and constantly sings.

Enjoy the blessings in your life.





Photo & Video by Ale Gambini – BreadLoveAndDreams

Difficulty : easy

Prep Time : 15 mins.

Cook Time : 30 mins.


2 puff pastry sheets (one 17.3 oz. box), thawed

1/2 cup nutella

1 egg yolk…

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