What happened to Alphabet?

Well, I dunno! I really don’t know. Few months ago, according to a piece of news, they were going to change Google’s browser name to Alphabet. But they haven’t yet. Mine’s still all lovely and Googly, just as I’ve always loved it to be, so maybe some wise wizard had a rethink?

Meanwhile, rumour has it that us Googlers will be getting a nifty Update in December to make the browser work like ย Mach 2, (or was that work a bit quicker)?

I love Tabs! I love them so much that my browser wears loads of them at a time. It sorta slows things down, keeping loads of pages linked like that. The Update should pamper us a bit so we’re not so memory-hogged in future. Course, we could all stop being lazy and save what we want in Bookmarks! But I do love to pin stuff. I will see if the change does indeed make a change when it arrives ๐Ÿ™‚

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W10 Anniversary Update


Ooooooooo, DO NOT MESS wiv my speakers…

I hit the first quirk a little while ago: Hardly any sound on the studio speakers when I played a YouTube film. Easily solved, it turns out. Those who manage software and hardware are a bit manic about us not playing stuff too loudly! That sucks, as I do like to be able to actually hear what I’m playing. No good if the software soundbar is set at 19 clicks! Just turn that up to a bit more normal level, like in the high 80s percent and do the rest via your amplifier.

Sorted ๐Ÿ™‚

New arrival on the Taskbar:

It turns out that the Windows 10 puppies like to play. So they plonked the Windows Store App on the Taskbar. Are you trying to TELL ME SOMETHING, Microsoft?


The Taskbar has shrunk, but has also opened up to reveal the time, day and date. It doesn’t take half the screen to reveal this information, no more! Bit like having things set to screen resolution. That works for me.

What browser do you use?

Using a browser is a bit like driving a car. You click the icon to load it, without looking, ย like you don’t look down to change gear! Be warned – this has probably been rearranged for you! Like Chrome, or whatever you use will now be shunted further up the Taskbar and handy, lovely Microsoft Edge is now the first Browser that you’ll click. Just rearrange things back how you had them. I know it’s a nag, but that’s how ya fix that! Or, leave things be. Your browser icon IS still there, just moved along a bit.

This looks a bit different

If you want to know why Windows looks a bit different this morning, well, you have just been freely given the Anniversary Update! Pop into the Get Started App to see what’s changed overall. You need to be connected to the Internet for this App to work.

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Go to Start>Get Started app to see what’s new!

Didn’t see THAT comin’ did I? ๐Ÿ˜€ Windows 10 Anniversary Update. I’d read about it back in the summer. Now it’s autumn in England, I’ve finally got it, apparently. Well, that’s what I woke up to just now. My laptop having fed itself on the new update. So what IS new? Well, they’ve made changes to the Start menu:


Power; Settings; File Explorer and my Username and avatar are on the far right – no longer in the main App list. Connect (to Internet) app is added. Then your most used list follows. All Apps clickable button has been removed. Your Apps list just begins and you search through by alphabet for what you want to pull up and use.

Remember! I’ve only just got up and found this, so if there’s anything really new to include, I’ll do that later. I know there’ll be those who squirm and scream: WHAT HAVE THEY DONE? But they’ve just tidied things up a bit, and added a bit of online security, apparently. You can’t have too much of that!

Windows 10, then, gets a bit of a facelift, but not enough to really notice, unless you’re a bit weird and have to dig into it all. Most of the changes are for Microsoft’s own web platform. If you’re using another browser, you probably won’t be much affected by any changes. I did notice a couple of days ago that Chrome had been updated and given its own facelift. That has got nothing to do with Microsoft.

So what do I think? I think I’m going back to bed if nobody minds!

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You know when you’re having one o’them days?

After all the initial hassle I was having with iTunes the other day with albums not playing, or each song playing twice, (grrr!) I finally got things rolling as they always have done. You just have to not be lazy with the software since that Up Next feature was added!

I’ve obviously been able to clear that out over time so that now, albums will play. But I do have to keep up with what’s been added into the memory so I’m not afflicted with albums refusing to play. Like I said before, I’ve used this software since I can’t even remember when. I loved it from the beginning. It’s so simple to load up either the song list or a play list that the thought of having to migrate to another bit of software was a painful thought!

Thank goodness, so far, the worry of that has been kicked out. I’m always going to check what’s in Up Next from now on. It’s become a habit, lol ๐Ÿ˜€

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iTunes not quite in tune

I ‘grew up’ with itunes. I’ve used it since the very early days and prefer the player over everything else. You do get to a point where you’ve used something for so long, it would be an absolute headache to change to something else!

In the old days, which are not so far away – couple of months at best? Anyway, I used to have the huge Songs list up. This is the screen I’ve always worked with, even doing radio broadcasts from it. But fings ain’t wot they use ta be on dear ole iTunes this morning. After the latest Update, it seems the Up Next feature is working waaayyyy too well.

I completely ignored it in the old days, never even having to look into how it worked. Now, it’s a Major Incident trying to get an album to play! And, it seems, Up Next will no longer be ignored. So, for those of us in Frustration Land (again!), here’s what I’ve found so far:

Up Next has stored everything you’ve ever played in its listings. Even if you check the History, and you get back that ‘You haven’t played any songs’, it’s lying to you! There will always be some sort of list on the go, in Up Next whenever you play a new track. You can never clear Up Next, even though it looks as if you have.

So, if all you wanna do is play an album, the best solution around this is to stick that album in the Up Next tool, coz it really WILL NOT be ignored, no more!

Well, until the next iTunes Update, let’s hope.

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Questions I like…

One person in a chat room I use wanted to know how to change a YouTube username. Truth is, you can’t. But you might try these ideasย and see what happens.

Click link to read the Wiki page.

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Happy listening :)

It takes a good pair of speakers to help the listener enjoy whatever music they’re playing. I’ve just had a pair of loudspeakers modded, plus a very old turntable given a new lease of life. A tape deck that couldn’t roll tape is now happily playing everything I throw at it. There’s loads to blog about. I’ll be making videos and blogging stuff up, and giving a hearty cheer to a bunch of folk who work in a local radio repair shop. Great bunch of blokes who have given me permission to mention them, so it’s all due to happen over the next few days.

Yes. I do know I said that last week, but I’ve been waiting for this last repair to get done before I chucked everything on the table to start working with. Plus, I just want to hog my usual seat and listen to the subtle changes those speakers are now giving. The sound is quite amazing, now. All the jobs (repairs) will be discussed, lots of flashy video will be filmed, and a load of babble from me, (that’s talking, to you!) about everything. I’m looking forward to doing the updates as apparently, we’re getting some rather chilly weather over the next few days. Need summink to take me mind off that, don’t I ๐Ÿ˜€

So see you over the weekend, and possibly into next week, too.

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