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What a week!

I’ve just loved dealing with various software issues this week. (Spot the deliberate facetious sneer!)  Hands up, all those who love their Internet browsers? For many, many years, I loved and trusted Google’s browser, but in the last year or … Continue reading

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I’m noticing some sweet changes in iTunes tonight, as I’m working on playlists. Use the search facility to look for songs and a new Play icon shows up. Nice doings! Also, if you want to point to a particular playlist; … Continue reading

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Go to Start>Get Started app to see what’s new!

Didn’t see THAT comin’ did I? 😀 Windows 10 Anniversary Update. I’d read about it back in the summer. Now it’s autumn in England, I’ve finally got it, apparently. Well, that’s what I woke up to just now. My laptop … Continue reading

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Beware of the wire

Connecting speakers up should be one of the simplest jobs in the whole audio game plan. No, really. It’s so easy to do, normally; a kid could do it. A few hours ago, though – I was really struggling to … Continue reading

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Saw this yesterday

That page on the right is the updated, new-look G+ page. You get it with one click, when you are prompted to try it out. I like! Everything is rich in formatting and colour, so you always know where you … Continue reading

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Oh, well – thass nice, innit ;)

I’ve just noticed after yesterday’s Great Update, the Title Bar in my browser has full technicolour! So, instead of the original whiteness, I can now see all my tabs clearly, and it doesn’t half make a nice difference. So, Windows … Continue reading

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Sweetness – but…

Hmmm. There I was, thinkin’ I’d have to check everything really was still there after the big upgrade, this morning! See, I must have my audio output working. I simply must. Decided to run iTunes just now, and couldn’t get … Continue reading

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