Mmmm. This is good. Me like’um!

Now, you all probably know this already. See, it takes time for me to learn certain things. Being alone all the time takes its own toll in that there’s never anyone to give me input as to how jobs can be made a bit quicker. So when I find something out, just by tinkering, and when the result is something I like, it doesn’t half make a difference.

I’m gonna need little tips and tricks like, when you’re in an iTunes playlist and you want to Page Down; you can hit that key, and if your highlighter is in the right place, you’ll get the next page of the playlist. If it doesn’t work, then see where your highlight is. It might be in your list of playlists. In which case, then, click one of the tracks in the playlist you want to view and try Page Down again on the keyboard. It works, and is a nifty little plaything. Much quicker than mouse-scrolling, and a more definite page sequencer.

Me like’um. 🙂

I need to know these little time-savers because it turns out, I am definitely going to get my own radio station set up in a few months, after all. Just heard some fantastic news about Radionomy. I was correct in my assumption that they were under fire again for the same reasons, but they’re parrying with those who have come out with their gloves on, and both sides have had to compromise somewhat. Which means everyone ends up happy again. The live stations should start producing shows again by next week, and we’ll all be busy putting stuff together for live sets. So I need all the help I can get with time saving, ya see!

(I’m not hard to please, am I, hahahahahahaha) 😉


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The blog site is up and running. Please feel free to visit if you want to know the Lord. I treasure His Scriptures and pray you do, also. I've been a Christian since October 2009. The Lord saved me that month and has led me through many things in life. The one thing I adore Him for is bringing me the Light of Salvation and for forgiving me my wickedness.
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