Beware of the wire

Connecting speakers up should be one of the simplest jobs in the whole audio game plan.

No, really. It’s so easy to do, normally; a kid could do it. A few hours ago, though – I was really struggling to make four simple connections. It was the wire’s fault.

Some stuff that goes out as speaker wire is appalling. Really horrible. Ever handled a wire so thin, it won’t even twist when you roll it in your fingers? I came across some today.

Bad. Bad. Bad.

I’m never a great lover of wiring jobs, but trying to sort this particular one out has got me thinking hard about what I should do for speaker mods next week. Should I get better spring-loaded press studs put on, or should I go for the screw-in connectors, and pop some banana clips onto the ends of some better quality cable to fit onto the speaker ends?

I really don’t know! I can’t put my very good grade cable onto my little Sharp amp, coz the connectors which go into the back of it are these things:

Speaker plugs

Bloomin nightmare getting any cable to fit those tiny things! You take off the cap and there are two tiny holes with a screw on top of each one. You dare not lose them! If you do, you’re bazookered, and won’t get your connections tight. I never knew playing music would end up having to be so hard, hahahahahahaha! 😀


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