Media Go

Sony’s Media Go software is well handy for when you need to rearrange music playlists on a Sony player. I’ve used it for a few years and actually, really like it. ‘Cept for one thing: When Media Go searches for all your music files, it doesn’t half make a mess of ’em!

I’m currently having to clear out double; triple; quadruple and more, (five same files at a time)!!! The worst thing is when it’s a long album, 100 or more tracks that it gets a bit wearying, trying to clean things up.

SenseMe, a part of Media Go tries to download extra bits for your albums, like cover art, and the like. When it’s taking more than one day to complete this, you really do need to see what the song list looks like, and clear out any duplicates!

Just thought I’d warn ya 😉

Media Go does work on Windows 8.1 64bit if you’re interested.


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