Aww, whaddup? Yer minidisc not working?

So many things these days rely on computer chips. First time I ever saw a minidisc was when I thought: hey, these things look like a floppy disc/compact disc hybrid. I wonder how close to that I am?

You’ve got a laser head inside the machine to read and record with on any minidisc player. They’re awesome machines, but sometimes, they can give you reason to gripe!

Take the error code C13, for instance. Know what that is? “Read Error”! Oh MAAAAN, I thought, as mine did it for the second time around.

Often, it can be cured simply by switching the machine right off; sticking a disc in, which will turn the system on again and try to read the disc. The head should kick back into alignment with this trick. Sometimes though, that won’t work.

If it doesn’t – DO NOT PANIC. Yet!

Leave the disc out of the player and, this time, don’t turn it off. Let the poor thing warm up a bit. You might have a spot of condensation on the lens pickup. Course, if the head is dirty, you won’t know, and you’d better not look unless you’re competent. It’s a laser, remember?

Minidisc players and CD players do not like being left, for months on end, without use. Especially in the winter. Be a nice little owner and turn the bloomin’ players on every few days, even if you do nothing else. Then you shouldn’t get the error code and hence, no need to gripe! It could also save you a trip to the engineer. If these two tricks don’t get your MD player reading the disc contents (TOC), then you’ll have to get the thing checked by someone who is qualified to lurk inside the player. It might need stripping and cleaning, after all.

A lot of my studio kit never gets turned off. I should leave my digital machines on as well. I wonder how me CD player is! I’d better check…

Oh, by the way, I’ve got a new playmate in the studio!

Cassette and reel-to-reel players don’t tend to give any trouble. They’re a bit harder than all this sophisticated digital stuff. But they could do with being switched on and used, now and again, too.

Use ’em, or lose ’em seems to be the way to go 🙂


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The blog site is up and running. Please feel free to visit if you want to know the Lord. I treasure His Scriptures and pray you do, also. I've been a Christian since October 2009. The Lord saved me that month and has led me through many things in life. The one thing I adore Him for is bringing me the Light of Salvation and for forgiving me my wickedness.
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